What will it mean to join the Green Rider campaign?

  1. Asking “what can we do to make this greener?” for your tours
  2. Adding green requests to your rider, and asking others to take action too.

The Green Rider campaign will provide tools, resources, and a community for artists and their teams to exchange advice, ideas, and experiences.

It will look different for every artist (and their team).

Some ideas:

  • using refillable bottles to eliminate plastic bottled water for artist & crew and working with venues and promoters to help them go single-use plastic free
  • sustainable merchandise (including t-shirts, CDs, records)
  • vegetarian & vegan food, or initiatives like Meat Free Mondays on the road
  • asking the venues you play at to switch to 100% renewable electricity
  • offsetting the carbon emissions from your tour
  • a charity guestlist donation to an environmental project
If enough artists take action to green their own tours and ask every venue, partner, and supplier to work with them we can change the industry.


Who is behind this?


Julie's Bicycle

Julie’s Bicycle is a London-based not for profit founded in 2007 that supports the creative community to take action on climate change and the environment. We believe that the creative community is uniquely placed to drive positive change that can transform our world.

Founded in 2007 from within the UK music industry, Julie’s Bicycle has established itself as an internationally trusted source of guidance supporting creative businesses to embed environmental sustainability into their operations, creative work, and business practice; a connector helping to build networks of creative professionals collaborating for the environment; and a world-leading voice advocating for the indispensable role of the creative industries in action on climate change.

JB works with Arts Council England, Festival Republic, Shambala Festival, the BRIT Awards, the Royal Albert Hall, Universal Music, Village Underground, Roundhouse, the National Theatre, the Greater London Authority, the V&A Museum, the World Cities Culture Forum, ADE Green at Amsterdam Dance Event, and many more.




Since 2011, Stamp The Wax has been supporting underground music and grassroots culture from across the musical spectrum, through reviews, films, DJ mixes and events.

We put a special emphasis on supporting talented people and noble initiatives with interesting stories to tell, no matter how well known they are. No sound or territory is off-limits, we aim to make it all palatable and engaging.

Now in its fourth year, Stamp The Wax jumps into the Christmas spirit with their annual charity Advent Calendar. Each day of the Advent, an artists from their network of friends donates an unreleased track, which is made available as a pay-what-you-feel on Bandcamp.

This year, Stamp the Wax have generously made Julie’s Bicycle the beneficiary of the proceeds. This partnership is helping the launch of Green Riders, a campaign which unites touring artists with venues, festivals, promoters and labels they work with to take sustainable steps together.

Check stampthewax.com daily for new music.



If you are a booking agent / manager / tour manager / other industry professional and want to find out about how you can support, GET IN TOUCH.